Dyslexia and Younger Children

by dyslexiaexplained

Young children may have trouble recognizing letters, matching letters to sounds and blending sounds into speech. Some also struggle with the pronunciation of words, for example saying “mawn lower” instead of “lawn mower.”

Learning and correctly using new vocabulary words can be difficult for some children with dyslexia. For some children, just learning the alphabet is difficult, which leads to frustration when they are faced with new vocabulary words.

Not only can the alphabet cause them anxiety and frustration, but numbers, days of the week, similar common word sequences and rhyming can also be difficult.

All children learn at a different rate, so it’s important to realize that  not all children that have these symptoms are dyslexic, and not all children who are dyslexic will have these same symptoms. Dyslexia is a complex symptom of some learning disorders.