The Warning Signs of Dyslexia

by dyslexiaexplained

Dyslexia occurs among people of all economic and ethnic backgrounds. Often more than one member of a family has dyslexia. According to the National Institute of Child and Human Development, as many as 15 percent of Americans have major troubles with reading.

Understanding that people with dyslexia experience the disorder differently is crucial in assisting them to read, write, spell, or speak despite having dyslexia. According to the NCLD, the severity of dyslexia and the success of alternate learning methods varies by how the individual is affected by the disorder. Some with dyslexia can have trouble with reading and spelling, while others struggle to write, or to tell left from right. Some children show few signs of difficulty with early reading and writing, but later on, they may have trouble with complex language skills, such as grammar, reading comprehension, and more in-depth writing.

While the above information is important to note, there are warning signs that can help identify the disorder. Just keep in mind that not every individual will exhibit all of these symptoms, nor will they exhibit them in the same way.