Why Me?

by dyslexiaexplained

One in eight people are affected with dyslexia. Unfortunately, dyslexia education is not as widely taught as it should be.

Here at Dyslexia Explained, you will learn the various ways the dyslexia brain is affected when it comes to reading, writing, and math, as well as the options available to dyslexic readers.
The facts about dyslexiaWhen my son was reported to have dyslexia, I didn’t know what to do. I knew nothing of the disorder, yet I wasn’t upset – I was relieved because finally I could find a way to help him learn and excel in reading, writing, and spelling.

The problem I ran in to was the fact that many people lack the information and education to help children with dyslexia. Public schools, in general, believe dyslexia is a medical problem, yet because there is no medicinal treatment, the medical community doesn’t normally consider it a medical issue. The public school may treat a dyslexic child

because he or she has LD in reading or writing, but failing to use the methods proven to work for children with dyslexia, rather using methods they would use with the average poor reader who is not affected by dyslexia. I discovered that if I wanted to help my son, I would have to either find a tutor educated in a system created for dyslexia sufferers or train myself to tutor my son.